"In the sun that is young once only, Time let me play and be Golden in the mercy of his means." - Dylan Thomas

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JennSwing® is the original creator, manufacturer and brand name of the subsequent and Original, JennSwing® ADA, safety swing set seat, which over the course of nearly the last 20 years due to improvements and advances to both product and technology, has become the JennSwing® safety swing set seat pictured above (left). The Cubby II® (right), its "little brother", and a somewhat recent addition to the JennSwing® family, was created and intended for smaller children and infants that the original JennSwing® is too large to accommodate.

No child should be denied the fun of playing in the park or home with friends - even if that child has physical disabilities or special needs which might make this more difficult to achieve. Psychologists and educators, along with parents, agree upon the importance of play in a child's development. Healthy Attitudes about overcoming obstacles and building self-esteem are developed at an early age. Play is an important source of gaining a sense of belonging and a feeling of accomplishment.

Nearly 20 years ago, JennSwing® founder, inventor and President, Deanna Johnson, understood these simple facts and recognized the innate value of play, the direct effect it had on the overall quality of life in all children, and so, began striving to create a product (of which there were none at that time) that would allow her disabled Grand-daughter Jenna to experience the exhilaration of swinging. The JennSwing® was the product and solution she would in turn invent, develop and market to the public, so all children like Jenna could eventually enjoy the simple pleasure of swinging.

The first of 2 earlier JennSwing® prototypes developed. (Above)

Besides making the playground and swing set more accessible for all children, both the JennSwing® and Cubby II® include these additional great features...

  • Durable, 3/16+ inch thick, rotational-molded plastic that outlasts most other swing seats. These seats should last 2 years in harsh conditions and up to 5 years in optimal conditions. (Seats should be stored inside during harsh/inclement weather, winter seasons and when not generally being used regularly - to extend the life of the seats.)
  • The low-profile, semi-reclined, body-contoured design offers better upper/lower body support.
  • The leg rest gives added support and stability. While the arm rests also provide lateral support.
  • Many "similar" safety swing seats available today often feature solid, mostly non-adjustable, bulky and oversized, over-head harness mechanism(s), with most featuring difficult, stubborn or complicated locking mechanisms. Instead, JennSwing® safety swings feature the more user-friendly solution - a multi-point, extremely strong, nylon safety harness which securely, and more importantly, quickly and easily is customized/resized, to safely "lock" nearly any sized child into the seat(s). And finally, for long-term use, the Official, JennSwing® Harness System is easily replaced if it becomes worn, damaged or vandalized.